Tidy Town Multi Purpose 90 Storage Bin Rack | Grey/Blue

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Everything is within reach with this multi purpose storage rack. Featuring injection-molded bins and providing labeling slots on each, you will never misplace the right tool for the job again.Made with a rust-resistant steel frame and sitting on set of lockable castor wheels, the rack also features a magnetic bar to store those tools which are frequently used. Useful for tools, artist materials, toys, all other hobby equipment and even as food storage system, this versatile bin rack will solve most storage problems you are facing. 

Double-sided rack
9-tier steel frame
90 injection-moulded bins
Small to large size bins
Joinable bins - Exclusive with Giantz
Detachable bins
Rust-resistant finish frame
Convenient labeling of parts
Additional storage on bottom and top tray
Brakeable castor wheels

Bins quantity: 90
Small Grey bin quantity: 36
Capacity per bin: 1.15kg
Medium Blue bin quantity: 30
Capacity per bin: 1.15kg
Large Grey bin quantity: 24
Capacity per bin: 3.2kg
Total rack capacity: 151kg approx.
Castor wheels diameter: 3"

Package Content
1 x Steel Frame
36 x Small bins
30 x Medium bins
24 x Large bins
4 x Castor wheels
1 x Assembly Manual